Introducing The ultimate safeguard

Until now, tank design all over the world has been based on design codes developed to protect only people, not property or product. ONGUARD reverses this approach.  

Our system is focused primarily on preventing earthquake damage and loss, knowing that in doing so people are inherently safer as well.

The ONGUARD Value Proposition

Protects Product

Protects People

Protects position in market

Protects profit

Protects place

Protects platform

California Case Study

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The Onguard system is turning the wine industry on its head. Many of New Zealand’s best wineries, such as Yealands, Pernod Ricard, Hunter’s Wines, Villa Maria and even the country’s leading wine infrastructure experts Indevin, are now experiencing the protection Onguard provides. Hear about our process and anchor system from clients that have experienced it in action as well as those proactively protecting their business.

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