Smaller, stronger, better.

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Smaller, stronger, better

Introducing the new MkIV system

One of our values at Onguard is ‘Better Never Stops’. We’re constantly innovating to find ways to enhance our product and services. Which is why we’re excited to introduce the MkIV, an updated and refined OG PRO anchor. Developed in 2020 and still proudly made in New Zealand, the MkIV anchor is a natural evolution of previous anchors, now smaller and stronger. It’s made from the same materials; we've just tweaked the design to provide better performance from them.

Coupled with this, throughout 2020 we pioneered ground-breaking research that has plugged some of the holes in international design codes to remove some of their inherent uncertainties and enable us to specify even more efficient and highly accurate designs.

The benefits of the new MkIV system?

In a nutshell the MkIV system provides significant value for our clients and a higher level of performance. Being smaller and stronger means fewer anchors are needed. Onguard’s New Zealand General Manager, Derek Liddington says, “We can accurately match our anchors with the required tank performance, making our new tank restraint designs super-efficient and more economical to protect our clients and their products.”

 What about tanks fitted with the original system?

The MkIV system wasn’t created because the original system is in any way deficient. Rather, it was a challenge to us to ensure we remain innovative. The original Onguard seismic system has not been superseded but made even better. You can still be assured earlier Onguard systems provide the same invaluable level of protection.

Can MkIV anchors be used on existing designs yet to be installed?

From the beginning of April (2021) any existing (but not as yet installed) designs have been revisited to use the new MkIV anchors and design procedures; and all newly created designs going forward will also use the MkIV.

Learn more from Onguard’s creator

We are world leaders in working with liquid storage tanks and welcome enquiries from any industry. Onguard founder and technical director Will Lomax will be in the USA in the coming months to educate the market on the MkIV and other additions that we have made to our stable of products. Get in touch to register your interest in speaking with him.

“While we have always tried to be sleek in our profile, the new version takes it to another level. Nobody wants large bulky anchors around their tanks – the future has arrived, and it’s called MkIV. Watch this space for our next exciting development as better never stops around here.”
- Derek Liddington, New Zealand General Manager.