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“Stainless steel wine storage tanks suffered significant and varied damage as a result of the recent MW6.6 earthquakes near Marlborough, the largest wine producing region in New Zealand. The wine storage tanks are a critical production component at the wineries, providing for the storage of each season’s stock prior to transfer and bottling. The response of the tanks to the earthquakes, and the associated damage, varied greatly depending on proximity to the epicentres, volume of product within the tank, and the tank construction.

A series of significant earthquake events occurred in the Cook Strait in July and August of 2013. The Cook Strait separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand, and the Marlborough region is located near its southwest shore on the South Island. The sequence began on 19 July 2013 (NZT) with a MW5.5 foreshock 30 km east of Seddon, New Zealand. This was followed by two significant events, the Cook Strait Earthquake on 21 July and the Lake Grasmere Earthquake on 16 August 2013.

The Cook Strait Earthquake measured 6.6 on the moment magnitude scale (MW) and was centred 20 km east of Seddon. The earthquake struck at 5:09 pm NZT on 21 July 2013 at a depth of 13 km. The Lake Grassmere Earthquake measured MW6.6 and was centred 10 km southeast of Seddon. It occurred at 2:31 pm NZT on 16 August 2013 at a depth of 8 km. The earthquakes occurred on a previously unknown offshore extension of the London Hills Fault.”

Source: Performance of Wine Storage Tanks: Lessons from the earthquakes near Marlborough. Rosewitz.J. & Kahanek.C. 2014

ONGUARD tank systems have recently been selected and installed at Yealands Family Wines to provide increased protection and performance during seismic events.

The new 40,000 litre and 60,000 litre ONGUARD Seismic Tanks have been anchored with OG PRO 33 and OG PRO 51 anchors. The installation has been carried out by Crown Sheetmetal, who are the New Zealand Distributors for ONGUARD Seismic Tank Systems.