Onguard makes it easier to support tanks on stands

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Following recent innovations made by our designers and engineers, Onguard is now able to fit seismic anchors to tanks that are supported by stands. This development also opens up the possibility to retrofit a huge variety of liquid storage tanks; giving winery and tank owners who keep their tanks on stands the ability to safeguard thousands of gallons in the event of an earthquake – without needing to purchase entirely new tanks.

In the past, whether it was a new system or a retrofit, the Onguard hardware would typically anchor the tank to its concrete base or foundation. However, we’re now able to design and install the hardware at the tank/stand interface on most of the new or existing tanks on stands that we’re seeing across the USA.

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This new development also has the potential to lower the cost of new winery construction. If your stands are of sufficient strength, the reduced load that this places on concrete slabs underneath means that wineries can be designed with thinner slabs and potentially less steel. It also means that the Onguard system is often compatible with existing thin slabs that would otherwise need to be removed and replaced.

To learn more about this cutting-edge development, click here to see how the seismic tank system works. By yielding and shortening in tension and compression, Onguard’s ductile anchors keep tanks safe in the event of an earthquake and protect the valuable contents inside.

Alternatively, contact us today to find out how we can help to safeguard your facility.