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OnGuard’s Will Lomax was recently featured on The article discusses the engineering solution, which prevents winery losses from earthquakes.

Will came up with the idea while having lunch with winery clients when the July 2013 Seddon earthquake struck. Despite not expecting much damage, liquid spilled everywhere after tanks buckled and leg stands folded.

Learn more about the OnGuard solution, which is now adopted by several vineyards in Marlborough, including Yealands Estate.

With his eyes set on the California wine belt, Will has witnessed enormous tanks with millions of dollars worth of wine, all vulnerable to earthquakes. In fact, Napa Valley wineries suffered more than $US50m of damage in a 2014 earthquake. Losses from a catastrophe are not just the immediate loss of wine but also loss of market share as supermarkets move quickly to replace lost suppliers.

The smooth aesthetics of the anchors mean they won’t catch on hoses or other equipment used in vineyards.

OnGuard is a finalist in the Champion Canterbury awards to be announced in September.

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