On the road to Sonoma

On the Road to Sonoma blog

The 5th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo is getting ready to showcase the best of the best in the wine industry for this year on December 1, 2016. This North Coast event just keeps growing, getting bigger, and getting better every year. Its approachable, interactive format allows people to get up close and personal to important industry players: the cutting-edge thinkers making a difference in the wine world. The by-word for the WINEXPO has to be innovation. It’s also about letting wine industry people see things they haven’t seen before, and allowing them to meet people they haven’t met before. In this way, the event brings innovation and people together. It’s how new ideas gain traction. Everyone loves something new and being able to talk with the manufacturers and innovators first-hand really helps. Industry commentators are saying for this reason the Sonoma-based event is quite different from its Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Sacramento cousins, which makes it a must see wine event.

Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino Counties represent some of the most incredible and beautiful vineyards in the world and they’re home to some of the greatest wine and winemakers on the planet. Alongside this wine industry firepower and on display at the EXPO will be some of the most advanced thinking and products available in the wine industry today. It’s an absolute must see for anyone wanting to understand the wine industry cutting edge. The vibe at Sonoma will be innovation focused and it will encompass future proofing. Exhibitors will be demonstrating how making the right calls today can ensure you have a sustainable, efficient and profitable wine business tomorrow.

Sitting amongst the industry’s elite innovations this year will be a New Zealand developed seismic system designed to protect wine tanks. Onguard Seismic Systems has rapidly become the default specification for wineries across New Zealand where winery owners face the constant threat of damaging earthquakes. There was a 5.0 magnitude quake shaking houses yesterday at the same time this blog was being written. They happen, and they happen all the time.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and with snow-capped mountains comes fault lines and seismic risk. That said, it’s water off a duck’s back for Kiwi winemakers. They have proven to be resilient, innovative and most importantly they’ve shown they can make some of the world’s best wine. Like their colleagues in California, Kiwi wine producers have adopted a new world approach to growing grapes and making wine. Not constrained by tradition, New Zealand and Californian winemakers have successfully experimented with new processes and shaped new methodologies the old wine world would not have considered…and still struggle to consider. For all of us that love great wine, thank goodness our maverick new world winemakers have had the courage of their convictions. We have some amazing wine to show for it, along with some class leading winemaking technology.

Fresh thinking about winemaking has allowed the gloves to come off elsewhere too. Traditional winery design, wine tank design and winery construction methods are all being challenged. Innovation lives and breathes. Non-conformist winemakers and engineers are continuously challenging and disrupting the status quo…in great ways. Their efforts are helping the industry make better wine for wine consumers, and better wineries for wine producers. Having access to the latest technology provides unfair advantages as well. For example, being able to effectively address wine security, earthquake risk and safer working environments is critical to risk mitigation strategy today. It allows key wine executives, winery owners and bank managers to sleep at night.

Using technology to your advantage makes sense, and protecting what you love makes even more sense. One key way to achieve this is by making sure you include the best seismic systems available on the market today in your next project and the best seismic systems come from Onguard. They are the market leader in seismic systems for wine tanks and the latest research and innovation is built into every Onguard system, every Onguard design, and every Onguard product. There is no better protection. Onguard is…the ultimate safeguard.

Catch up with Onguard Managing Director, Will Lomax and Administration Manager, Libby Ornsby at the WINEXPO 2016. Come and meet the guys and get the full story behind one of the great innovations in the wine industry today. Onguard will be at Sonoma Showgrounds Booth # 806 on Thursday, December, 1, 2016.