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For businesses in earthquake-prone areas, the risk to infrastructure and people is constant. But what hasn’t been considered until now is the risk earthquakes pose to product and therefore profit.

Developed by structural engineers with first-hand experience of the destructive power of earthquakes, ONGUARD’S patented system dissipates seismic energy in a controlled manner, keeping liquid storage tanks and their contents protected.

ONGUARD systems can be designed for new tank installations or retro-fitted so you can protect product already in situ.


The conception of the ONGUARD system came from first hand experience seeing thousands of litres of valuable wine disappear down the drain because of earthquake damage inflicted to the tanks. Although the wine industry has been a primary focus for ONGUARD, the seismic anchor system can be custom designed to fit any liquid storage tank including those in breweries and the petrochemical industry.

California Case Study

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Protect your liquid assets

The negative downstream impacts of seismic events are numerous and often not realised until it’s too late. ONGUARD systems greatly reduce your risk of experiencing:

  • Business interruption 

  • Compromised workplace safety 

  • Loss of hard-won market share 

  • Financial blows to both bottom line and balance sheet 

  • Difficulty in getting insurance 

  • Infrastructure damage 

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