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Whether specified from the ground up or retro-fitted to existing tanks, ONGUARD offers performance, protection and peace of mind.

Unlike traditional tank anchorages that only work in a one-pull, tension manner, ONGUARD anchors provide controlled yielding in both tension and compression throughout an earthquake and its aftershocks.

Traditional anchors are also prone to fail after a single earthquake pulse. The energy-dissipating element within each ONGUARD anchor acts like a seismic fuse, meaning it can be it can be quickly, easily and cheaply replaced once it has done its job.

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Traditional - The Past

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Traditional liquid storage tank anchors permanently elongate during an earthquake event which means the tank can rock unanchored and in an uncontrolled manner resulting in a severely buckled and damaged tank and contents

ONGUARD - The Future

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ONGUARD seismic tank anchors yield and shorten in tension and compression in a controlled manner, keeping the tank under control and it’s contents protected.

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