Who we are

In 2013, following a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Marlborough, New Zealand’s premier wine making region, ONGUARD’s Founder and Managing Director, Will Lomax, stood alongside a winery owner as thousands of litres of valuable, hard-earned product disappeared down the drain because of damage inflicted to the tanks.

This led to the creation of a game-changing engineering solution. ONGUARD is the first genuine seismic tank system specifically designed to protect liquid storage tanks and their contents from earthquake damage and loss.

Engineering & Design Expertise

ONGUARD was created in Christchurch, New Zealand, a city that already had a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest structural designers and earthquake engineering techniques. This capability was further enhanced by the need to regroup and rebuild following the city’s own devastating earthquake in 2011.

The Onguard Experts

Behind ONGUARD’s innovative seismic technology lies a very capable and experienced team of structural engineers and designers with a reputation for thinking outside the box. By combining the very latest design tools and methods with our customary innovative thinking, we consistently provide our clients with exceptional results.

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Will Lomax

Managing Director

B.Eng (Hons) CMEngNZ IntPE

E: wlomax@onguardgroup.com

Will is the founder of Onguard and the firm’s Technical Director. He brings 20 years of multi-disciplinary engineering expertise to customers’ projects. Will’s career encompasses global project management, solution-driven structural design and a deeply held belief in customised and bespoke engineering. As a committed professional, he challenges the technical status quo and endeavours to explore and develop all options before choosing the best solution for his customers.


Michele A. Badker

Vice President, Business Development

E: mabadker@onguardgroup.com

Michele brings nearly 30 years of management experience to the Onguard team. She understands the importance of relationships in business and has a real strength in ensuring mutual success. This naturally leads to the formation of long-term strategic partners and a robust professional network, all underpinned by her humble and humorous attitude. She truly enjoys making connections and providing solutions for her customers.

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Sterling Wallstrum

Design Engineer

E: swallstrum@onguardgroup.com

Sterling brings a broad background stemming from the environmental and civil engineering fields. A plethora of technical experience is brought into focus for the Onguard team. With a firm belief in the mission of Onguard, Sterling is utilising these technical skills to ensure the successful design and installation of a world-class seismic solution.


Libby Ornsby

Chief Executive Officer

E: lornsby@onguardgroup.com

Libby is an experienced professional administrator with an outstanding commitment to customers. Her attention to detail ensures delivery on time, every time. Her talent, experience, and first-class capability guarantees seamless delivery. Libby’s dedication and commitment to managing the ‘engine room’ allow the Onguard engineering team to apply their complete focus to designing solutions for customer’s projects.


Derek Liddington

General Manager (New Zealand)

E: dliddington@onguardgroup.com

Derek is a highly experienced business manager after having worked in a variety of senior management roles. Passionate about his clients and professional in his delivery, Derek will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of providing world-leading service and products. His wealth of engineering experience is highly valued by our customers as he provides innovative yet practical solutions.


Scott Erwin

Vice President, Sales

E: serwin@onguardgroup.com

Scott brings a wealth of engineering knowledge to our US clients. Having worked in the wine industry for over 21 years, his experience includes 14 years in operations of which 7 in winery operations and another 7 in winery sales and consulting. He's built an impressive network in this time and seen plenty of product developments along the way. Now, he's eager to apply our seismic technology to wineries in the US.

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